Guangdong Food Industry Public Laboratory was founded as first 8 public laboratories according to Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology’s notification About Guangdong provincial public laboratories founding start-up funding. The purpose of setting up the laboratory is to solve the common core difficult technical problems in Guangdong’s food industry. Base on the principals of “Unity, Open, Service, Share”, public laboratory started construction in Jan. 2005, passed Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology’s acceptance check in 2008 then started formal operation.


For operational guidance, public laboratory already constructed thorough organizational structure, established board of directors, academic board and Lab research team. The team contains highly qualified personnel, with reasonable structure, great research and development ability, plentiful technical support experience. The lab achieved extraordinary work at providing professional services, training of master degree students, setting of open lecture, technical support for enterprises. For enlarging laboratory space and hardware purchasing, completed 3000 square meters laboratory reform and purchased a set of advanced equipments, significantly upgraded research capability of the lab, improved the researching environment. For the purpose of providing better services for food industry in Guangdong province, established thorough technical support and service platform, will further stimulate the technology and product innovation of Guangdong food industry.



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