Wenyuan Guangye L&P Food Ingredient Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, it is a fully-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Food Industry Institute. Its sprawling facility spans more than 133 thousand square meters.


Its first phase project, with clean production, leading in domestic industry. Waste water from production is technologically preconditioned using advanced international technologies that enable the chlorinated sucrose byproduct to be biologically degraded with high efficiency. Additionally, sophisticated extraction and distillation technologies effectively solve the complicated and serious problems of solvent recycling and recovery, thereby eliminating potential sources of environmental pollution. L&P implements a “circular economy” by capturing and recycling gasses produced during production, utilizing them for production of useful chemicals such as industrial hydrochloric acid and sodium sulfite.


L&P proceeds manufacturing with top technologies in China, utilized its expertise of more than a decade of sucralose manufacturing; supplemented by new-tech production base with world first class industrial design and most rigorous management and controlling systems; cleanly and efficiently large-scale produces the outstanding sweetener sucralose; carries out the duty of a industry leader to enhance the healthy development of food additive industry; to ensure the welfare of the vast number of consumers


L&P foods, make life healthier; ensure our descendants’ and our life better!


L&P will attend  IFT 2016 as exhibitor


2017 IFT
25-28 June
Las Vegas,USA
Booth No.3473


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