Guangdong Food Industry Institute focuses on food additive industry, will give priority to develop products such as sweetener sucralose, antioxidant, functional food ingredient. 2015, GDFII will complete 2000 tons sucralose project, will become the largest 3 sucralose manufacturer in the world; antioxidant TBHQ annual capacity will reach 800 tons, will become the largest manufacturer in China.

At the same time GDFII dedicates itself to developing biological technologies, apply it into traditional food additives field.  It motivates industrial transition, upgrade and development.

Our ability of adapting to change and our endless research on scientific knowledge enabled us to become one of the most innovative enterprises in Chinese food additives industry. However, engaging with continuous changes, innovations and developments, our core values will ever remain unchanged, that is: dedicate ourselves to guarantee food safety, health and environment, respect people and treat others equally.


For L&P, “People, Earth, Profit” are equally important.


L&P will attend  IFT 2016 as exhibitor


2017 IFT
25-28 June
Las Vegas,USA
Booth No.3473


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