L&P Food Ingredient Co., Ltd. (L&P) is a global enterprise dedicated to the development and exploitation of cutting-edge technology. L&P utilizes innovations as its development motivation; its leading innovations have successfully filled the ever-changing needs of the growing Chinese domestic food industry. This had enabled L&P to emerge as a leader in China’s food additive sector.

  L&P has focused on research, development and production of food ingredients for more than 30 years. Guangdong Provincial Food Industry Public Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Guangdong Provincial Food Additives Industry, Key Scientific Research Base of Guangdong Provincial Food Additives Industry are also co-located within L&P facilities.


  Guangye L&P Food Ingredient Co., Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Food Industry Institute, Until now, L&P possesses more than 20 years commercial production experience and more than 10 years sucralose production experience. L&P attaches great importance to food safety; adopts most advanced international food manufacture practices, from industrial designs to project construction. L&P exercises strict control over all procedures including raw material purchase, production processes monitoring, final product testing and employee training. The rigorous quality systems utilized by L&P meet ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC and BRC requirements. L&P’s GMP packaging area’s air quality is held to class 100,000 standards. High-intensity metal detectors ensure L&P products exceed world standards including FCC, USP, EP, and JP. Currently L&P’s major products are sweetener sucralose, antioxidant TBHQ, dietary fiber resistant dextrin.


L&P will attend  IFT 2016 as exhibitor


2017 IFT
25-28 June
Las Vegas,USA
Booth No.3473


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